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Benny Huynh
Realtor - #01756802
Have confident that Benny will be able to help you find your dream home with the best price and the shortest amount of time! Contact Benny Huynh today at (714)757-6283 and he will gladly assist you with any questions you might have about real estate service.


Benny Huynh is a real estate professional since 2006. In addition to selling real estate and developing marketing strategies, Benny also help clients with professional photography, home staging, and home improvements that have proven to help sell homes and add value more effectively.

Prior to being in Real Estate, Benny was a financial consultant for three years and has helped many families reached their financial goals. He is both knowledgeable and committed in serving all families in the community. His main goal is to protect families in case of a loss one, investment plan that is tax free, or college planning. After becoming more knowledgeable in the financial industry, Benny continued to embrace his philosophy of helping families by expanding his expertise into the real estate market.

Growing up in Orange County, Benny is very familiar with the surrounding areas and the new developments that took place therefore he is very knowledgeable in guiding clients to help find their dream homes. Benny regularly attends real estates training courses to enhance his marketing skills and strategies. By doing so, he is always up to date of with all of the available tools in the real estate marketplace and strive to help make all real estate transactions be more smoothly within the shortest time frame given.